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Kenya is known as the ‘Jewel of East Africa. It boasts some of the continent’s finest beaches, magnificent wildlife and scenery and sophisticated tourism infrastructure. It is a land of great beauty, which stretches from the coral reefs and white sand beaches at the coast to the summit of snow-capped Mount Kenya- crowned with clouds and the strange giant alpine plants.

With about ten percent of all its land designated as national parks and reserves, Kenya is a perfect place for safaris. It has over 50 parks and game reserves that cover all habitats from desert to mountain forest, and there are also six marine parks along the Indian Ocean.

Kenya is a multicultural society with a diversity of 40 different tribes all with their own languages and cultures. The largest group is the Kikuyu who live in the central highlands. At the coast, a mixture of African and Asian brings about the Swahili culture. This came as result of the trade across the Indian Ocean to Arabia and Persia by the use of dhows.

The people are friendly and the tourist trade is supremely well organized and professional. It is an ideal destination for little adventure during the holidays.


General Fact Files

Kenya shares borders with Ethiopia in the north, Sudan in the northwest, Uganda in the west, Tanzania in the south and Somalia in the northeast. To the east is the Indian Ocean.

The country is divided into four regions: The arid deserts of the north, the savannah lands of the south, the fertile lowlands along the coast and Highlands to the west

National Parks & Reserves: Kenya's total conservation area is 44,359 sq. km of the total area. The main parks are Aberdares, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Meru, Mt. Elgon, Mt. Kenya, Nairobi, Tsavo East and West, Hell's Gate etc.

There are two major marine parks namely Mombasa and Malindi. There are over 80 major animal species ranging from the big five down to the tiny antelopes. There are also over 1,500 species of birds in Kenya. Some of these are found in the 60 important bird areas in the country. Read more...

Reasons to Visit Kenya

Wildlife Watching and Nature Safaris: "Safari" word stems from Swahili language, whose linguistic birth is in East Africa an original & authentic African wildlife safari destination as rightfully described by the EE Hunters. Kenya graciously boasts the big five wildlife on the ground as well as the big five below the Indian Ocean waters. A visit to Kenya will provide an authentic African biodiverse experience.

Relaxation, tranquility and Pristine Beauty: Kenya is the ultimate getaway for to relax, receive the top class service, enjoy the most delicious organic foods and enjoy spectacular views. Kenya is one of the most Serene places in Africa

Indian Ocean Beach Vacation: Kenya boasts astonishing white sandy beaches with amazing beach resorts some of which are gems only accessible by plane or boat. If you are looking for something extraordinary, let ACTours organize this experience for you.

Cultural Interaction & Anthology: Kenya is a great place to learn about other people’s cultures. Here you get to meet the tall elegant Maasai whose native language is Maa, and whose dress code is incredible as well as the most decorated natives the LUO people.

Outdoors Activities and Active Adventure: Kenya has an immerse list of activities for everyone, that one visit will just provoke you for more. You may choose to take the leisurely ones or may opt to take adventure to the next level y taking a hike on Mt. Kenya the second highest mountain in Africa or bungee jumping. It all happens in Kenya.

Great Business Services: Kenya is the new business hub. Choose to hold your conference in a city like Nairobi for that discerning experience for your clients, yet keep costs affordable while having easy access to infrastructures like International Airports and road systems.

Historical Experience: Kenya holds a historical treasure. A country that is as old as the early exploration of the world by Romans. For those yearning for a historical learning experience with a mix of culture and lifestyle, fame and fortune, success and glory then a visit to Kenya will broaden your knowledge in a globally diverse world making status

Eco-Tourism Experience: Kenya offers you a true and genuine African experience, filled with fun as you interact with the natives of the region and underscoring an authentic eco-tourism experience right from the start.

Geography & Geophysical Experience: Not only is Kenya uniquely positioned in the world but it also has wondrous geophysical characteristics. Some of which are the Great Rift Valley and the lake systems it supports: hot sulfurous, fresh and alkaline, in one great depression. Another marvel is the equator and often experienced by most visitors. This is a phenomenon that has to be witnessed.

Marine Experience: Some of the most mesmerizing corals exist with rainbow colors of blue, red, green and yellow; fishes deep down in the sea have evolved luminous scales making the schools of fish look like a huge gigantic fish, and where wild dolphins and whale sharks curiously examine the commotion when your boat sails by. This is the reality and untold beauty of Kenya's unexplored marine life.