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Kenya Fact Files

Kenya is a large country of some 582,000 km2. Kenya is bordered in the north by Sudan and Ethiopia, in the east by Somalia, on the southeast by the Indian Ocean, on the southwest by Tanzania and to the west by Lake Victoria and Uganda.


Political System



Approximately over 38 million people in more than 70 different tribal groups



Swahili & English


Agriculture employs over 80% of the entire working population, contributes 29% to GDP and accounts for 50% of export earnings. Tourism is among the largest single export earner. The industrial sector contributes about 16% to the GDP.


Capital City

There are 3 cities in Kenya namely Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu with Nairobi as the capital city.


Kenyan Shilling, this is not a hard currency and may not be taken out of the country when you leave. US$ and GPB, credit cards ( Visa & master Card) are widely accepted


The weather in Kenya is fairly unpredictable and is largely determined by altitude, which varies considerably from area to area.  In broad terms the pattern is as follows:
January, February - hot and dry
April, May, June - hot and wet (referred to as the 'long rains')
July, August, September - warm and dry
October, November, early December - warm and wet (referred to as the 'short rains')
Mid to end December - hot and dry


It is a good idea to consult with your local immunization authority, travel clinic or personal physician before you travel to Kenya in order to find out what vaccinations/medications are required or suggested.


Food and drinks of excellent quality are provided throughout the Country. Kenya has plenty organic farms. The main towns have excellent supermarkets and restaurants for those who are driving themselves.


Normal precautions as in any other destination worldwide should be taken. Place all valuables in safety deposit boxes at hotels and lodges, and only carry small amounts of cash. Never leave valuables on show in an unattended car or safari vehicle.


The Kenyan authorities are known for changing the visa status of particular countries without much notice. So do check with us regarding requirements at the time of your intended visit.


Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta international airports or Moi International Airport, you will be welcomed by one of African Courtesy Tours represenative who will assist you with any formalities, and then transfer you to your destaination.