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Ilha de Mozambique (Island of Mozambique)

This spectacular historic little island of Mozambique, laying four km off the coast of Africa just opposite Madagascar, was for hundreds of years a major centre of intercontinental maritime trade. Once a trading post on the sea route from Europe to the East Indies, this island harbour was placed on UNESCO World Heritage in 1991. It was occupied by Arab merchants from the tenth century until the end of the fifteenth, and in the sixteenth century became a port of call on the route from Europe to the East Indies opened by the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama. In 1507, the Portuguese built a fortress on the island where the Customs House stands today. A later fortification that has survived is the fort of St. Sebastian, which was built between 1558 and 1620 and is inspired by Italian Renaissance military architecture. The town as it appears today has a strong architectural homogeneity which is largely due to the use over the centuries of the same building materials, mainly limestone from quarries in the south of the island.


Hotel Escondidinho 

Hotel Escondidinho is a lovely large old house, tastefully restored in typical style, with a swimming pool in the internal garden. Hotel Escondidinho is located on a quiet street in Stone City in the middle of Ilha de Mozambique. This converted house is a perfect spot to discover the interesting island. The Hotel Escondidinho, a pretty blend of European and Swahili...

Hotel Omuhipiti ****

The Hotel Omuhipiti is a four-star hotel located on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island). This hotel provides a comfortable and modern base from which to explore the island’s rich offerings: – from its cuisine based on fresh seafood and exotic spices to its unique mix of religions, traditions, and culture...

Coral Lodge

Coral Lodge 15.41 is a modern, African-style beach resort, which offers you the latest in luxury and comfort while maintaining that authentic feel of Mozambican pureness. The resort’s design, by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, incorporates the colors of its environment using wood and brightly-colored textures. These natural materials make the resort blend in perfectly with the...