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Mozambique Fact Files


Area of 801,590 sq km - land constitutes 784,090 sq km and inland water 17,500 sq km

Political System



Is stable and recovering tremendously after the civil war.


The unit of currency in Mozambique is the Meticais. The United States Dollar and the South African Rand are the most acceptable foreign currency to carry and can be exchanged in commercial banks in large towns and cities. Most hotels, shops and restaurants in cities and towns and most resorts accept MasterCard and Visa.


The hot rainy season is from November through to end March. The winters are mild which many guests prefer (May through to July) because of the lower incidence of malaria. The average max temperature in centigrade in summer (Oct - Mar) is 30º and in winter (May — Aug) 20º.


Portuguese is the official language in Mozambique. Indigenous languages is also spoken


Consult your personal physician regarding any vaccinations or medication that may be necessary before visiting South Africa. Many private hospitals across the country offer very high standards of medical care. Emergency medical evacuation services are available countrywide.


The cuisine of Mozambique is of excellent quality throughout the country. It mainly revolves around fresh seafood, stews and other comparable dishes in the world are prepared.


We strongly advise that sensible precautions are taken at all time. African Courtesy Tours takes every precaution to ensure the safety of its clients.


African Courtesy Tours will advise you of visa requirements, it is important that we are aware of your nationality on your initial request.


Upon arrival at one of South Africa's international airports you will be welcomed by one of African Courtesty Tours representatives who will assist you with any formalities, and then transfer you to your hotel.