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Namibia Fact Files

Namibia is a large country of some 825,400 sq km.

Political System
Multi party democracy.

The economy is heavily reliant on the mineral industry. Namibia produces significant quantities of gem quality diamonds. Uranium, gold, lead, zinc, tin, silver and tungsten are also produced in large quantities. 47% of the labour force is employed in the agricultural sector. Tourism is an important contributor to the economy.

The Namibian Dollar, which has parity with the South African Rand, is the official currency. Travellers’ cheques and foreign currency can be exchanged at banks. Credit cards - Visa , Mastercard are widely accepted.

Namibia’s climate is generally hot and dry with sparse rainfall. Days tend to be hot and nights cold.

German, Afrikaans and English are the most generally spoken languages. Oshivambo, Herero and Nama are the indigenous languages.

We advise that you consult with your local immunization authority, travel clinic or personal physician before you travel to Namibia in order to find out what vaccinations/medications are required or suggested. Malaria is endemic in certain areas.

Food and drink is excellent and of highest quality throughout the Hotels, Lodges and camps. The main towns have excellent supermarkets and restaurants for the self-drives.

Namibia is considered a safe destination. It is stable both financially and politically.

Citizens of certain countries need visas for entry into Namibia. This list does change from time to time, so do check with African Courtesy Tours regarding requirements at the time of your intended visit.

On arrival in Namibia, a representative of African Courtesy Tours will meet you. You will be assisted and will ensure that you are transferred to your destination.

During the day and evening, lightweight cotton and cotton blend clothing is suitable. It can be very cold in the evenings, and early mornings and warm clothing (thick jacket and socks) is recommended.