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Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is located in a basin between the Khomas Highland, Auas and Eros Mountains. It is 1,680m above sea level, 650km north of the Orange River and 360km from the Atlantic seaboard. Whether due to pure luck or a brilliant stroke of Germanic planning, the city is situated in almost the countries epicenter. This location has obvious benefits when it comes to governing a country the size of Namibia, and also makes it the ideal place to start and plan any Namibian travel.

Windhoek is home to approximately two hundred thousand people, an extremely small capital by global standards. This number is growing rapidly at present mostly due to a lack of employment in rural areas. Despite the large increase in population over the last few years the city centre is extremely clean, and mostly trouble free. Most tourists comment on the cleanliness of the city, and often pronounce it to be a most un-African city (a somewhat back-handed compliment).

The city centre is characterized by a proliferation of German style buildings, a lasting reminder of Namibia's early colonial history. Early buildings such as the Alte Feste (old fort), Christuskirche and Tintenpalast (the parliament buildings) are of particular historical interest. In a wonderful display of irony, the Alte Feste Fort, once the bastion of German colonialism, now houses the National Museum which places particular emphasis on the freedom struggle and Namibian independence.

Safari Court Hotel ****

Set on the borders of the fascinating Namibian wilderness and the outskirts of Namibia's vibrant capital city Windhoek, is the sparkling 4-star Safari Court Hotel and Conference Centre. It is in a Windhoek residential district, and is perfectly situated next to the Eros (domestic) Airport. (This hotel should not be confused with the 3-star Hotel Safari, although they are on the same site and share the same entrance way and some facilities.)

Kalahari Sands Hotel & Casino ****

Refurbished in 2004 and in the centre of Windhoek's bustling central business district, (CBD) is the renowned 4-star Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino. This is a good value destination, considering the amenities, facilities and level of comfort you can expect from a hotel of this class. This luxurious hotel is very conveniently located on Independence Avenue, with banks, restaurants and shops of every description in the adjoining and nearby shopping centres.