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Seychelles Fact Files


280 Km2


In the Indian ocean, 700 miles north east of Madagascar. Nearest are Madagascar on SW, Somalia on NW.


Political System
A multi-party republic with one legislative house, the National Assembly 34 seats.



Average annual population growth rate 0.966 %

Birth rate 15.53 births per 1,000 population 

Death rate 6.92 deaths per 1,000 population


Tourism and fishery with major export of Copra, fish and cinnamon


Seychelles Rupee (SCR) = 100 Cents. The official currency is the Seychelles Rupee (SCR), divided into 100 cents and issued in the following denominations:
Notes: SCR 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500.
Coins: SCR 5, SCR 1, 25 cents, 10 cents and 5 cents.
Seychelles accepts all major currencies as well as Travellers Cheques.


Altitude                                At Sea level.

Hottest Month                      April 26-31oc.

Coldest Month                      July-August 24-29oc.

Driest Month                        June 54 mm average Rf.

Wettest Month                     405 mm average Rf 2238.8 mm. Humidity-80%.


Time Zone difference

The Seychelles Granitic Archipelago is four hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in winter and three hours during summer. Tipping


Creole, English and French are the official languages of the Seychelles and all three are widely spoken throughout the country. Our team of experienced, multilingual representatives is also conversant in German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Greek, Arabic and Swahili.


The Seychelles is free from Malaria and tropical diseases. We are recognized as being one of the best medically equipped countries in the African region. The modern central hospital is in Victoria, with clinics spread throughout the principal districts of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. There are also several doctors and dentists in private practices whose fees vary according to the cost of the service provided.


Besides those of hotels and guesthouses, there are numerous restaurants dotted throughout the islands that feature Creole, Italian, Indian, Asian and International cuisine. There is an abundance of take-away shops and also several café’s. Many of the finer restaurants open only in the evening when it is advisable to reserve. Tap water is generally safe to drink, but bottled water is recommended.


The Seychelles is a friendly island with affable people but it is recommended you stick to basic precautions such as keeping your valuables safe.


No visa requirements for most nationals, however please consult your local Missions office.



Upon arrival at the international airports you will be welcomed by one of African Courtesy Tours representatives who will assist you with any formalities, and then transfer you to your final destination.