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South Luangwa National Park

Antelopes, wild dogs, elephants, lions, buffaloes, zebras, hippos, giraffes and monkeys have made Luangwa Valley their home. Lush green surroundings filled with large trees in full bloom, many species of animals and several species of exotic flowers make Luangwa Valley one of the most popular game reserves the world over. It rains copiously here from November to May. Accommodation is available at lodges in Kapani, Chinzombo, Chichele and Mfuwe the year round. During the dry season you can also stay at Tundwe and a few other catered camps like Tena Kaingo Camp, and Chibembe. A few seasonal camps without catering facilities are your other option. Amenities at these lodges include chalets with luxurious double rooms with private bathrooms, bars, swimming pools and three-course meals.


Puku Ridge Tented Camp

Puku Ridge tented camp is located1 in a remote wildlife area in South Luangwa National Park. Puku Ridge is located in a very high game rich wild life area. For millennia, this low, rocky ridge has overlooked the wide, water-rich valley. From this vantage point among the trees, predators and hunters would quietly observe the prolific hunting grounds spread out below.

Chichele Presidential Lodge

Chichele Presidential Lodge is located on top of a hill and affords magnificent views overlooking the plains with teeming wildlife. The Lodge is in South Luangwa National Park in the east of Zambia. Chichele Presidential Lodge, which was formerly a presidential retreat, is built along the edge of a hillside with excellent views over the South Luangwa National Park

Kapani Lodge

Kapani is an exclusive, privately owned camp situated on the banks of a large lagoon beside the Luangwa River.  Accommodating only 20 guests, the ten brick and thatch rooms are designed for the warmer weather with high ceilings, overhead fans and large gauzed windows...

Mfuwe Lodge

When the Luangwa is in flood the hairpin bends along its tortuous route that are progressively eroded away until the main stream cuts through one of its loops, leaving behind attractive oxbow lagoons which are one of the most picturesque aspects of the valley. Hidden away among the huge ebony and fig trees on the banks of one of these beautiful lagoons sits Mfuwe Lodge. Here exciting wilderness adventures are matched by the enchantment of the lodge...