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Zimbabwe is a spectacular landlocked country in southern Africa offering astonishing variety of natural beauty and spectacular scenery. The country possess an enormous appeal for active adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and those with an appreciative eye for exquisite beauty - from the majesty of the famous Victoria Falls, to the giant marble-like boulders of the Motopo Hills, the verdant mountains of the Eastern Highlands, the national parks teeming with wildlife and the Great Zimbabwe ancient ruins.

The Victoria Falls are Zimbabwe's most popular tourist destination and are without a doubt one of the world’s grandest natural spectacles. Their mile-wide (2km) curtain of water plunges deep into the Zambezi Gorge creating a cloud of mist that can be seen up to 20 miles (32km) away.

Wildlife flourishes in the untamed wilderness of the Zambezi Valley, in national parks, and on the shores of Lake Kariba, where hippo, crocodiles, buffalo, rhino, elephant and lion roam freely. Remote and protected wildlife reserves line the banks of the Zambezi River and the region offers some of the finest canoe safaris in Southern Africa, particularly the World Heritage site at Mana Pools, which is renowned for its outstanding variety of game. The saltpans and grassy plains of Hwange National Park support one of the largest concentrations of animals in the world, and is the largest game reserve in the country. Lake Kariba is treasured as a source of hydro-electricity, as well as for its fishing resources. It is a beautiful stretch of water studded with islands and the sun-bleached branches of dead trees, surrounded by mountains and forests. Houseboats offer a wonderful opportunity to relax and take in the spectacular sunsets, enjoy a variety of water sports, and spot the vast quantities of game attracted to the lake, including huge Nile crocodiles and hippo.

General Fact Files

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country, sandwiched between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers in South Central Africa. The central plateau has a mild climate, with colder weather experienced in the highlands along the eastern border with Mozambique, and higher temperatures being experienced in the lower areas along the Zambezi Valley and the “lowveld” in the South East of the country. Read more...

The current social and political unrest in Zimbabwe, together with economic instabilities can be a discouragment to potential travellers, however it is important to know that Most tourist attraction areas, including game parks have remained unaffected, peaceful and tranquil throughout these crises, though precautions must be taken at all times. African Courtesy Tours strongly believes that Zimbabwe is still a haven to explore.

Reasons to Visit Zimbabwe

  • Magnificent landscapeZimbabwe is lush and beautiful. Not only will you witness the exquisite Victoria Falls but a country rich in natural landscape that promises to take your breath away. 
  • Fascinating culture and history: The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are full of culture and history. At your disposal will you find landmarks and world heritage sites. 

  • Adventure activities: Not only can you explore the ruins, but along the way take part in canoeing or kayaking along the lower Zambezi. Whitewater rafting and bungee jumping can also be found at Victoria Falls. 

  • Friendly ZimbabweansZimbabwe has one of the friendliest people and ensures they always make your trip better. 

  • Scenery: The Eastern Highlands provides a nice backdrop while exploring the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. 

  • Game Sightings: Large game sightings and interesting fish can be seen in the ancient Ruins area, especially along the lakes. 

  • Grasp the culture: Grasp a hold of the Zimbabwe culture and at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins which became the power center under the Shona people.  

  • Witness history first hand: The Ruins provide insight into Zimbabwean history and reveal the truth first hand.  

  • Organized tours are available: Most public transportation is not available into the Ruins, but organized tours can be pre-arranged and provide a well versed tour guide. 

  • See the Soapstone Birds: Eight carvings of these magnificent birds have been unearthed for viewing.