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The Seychelles Islands – Unique, Elegant Destination

We‘ve all had most beautiful imagination of paradise and The Seychelles leaves nothing to that imagination. It’s an escapist fantasy. Hardly any destinations could hold more allure as exemplary tropical islands in comparison to this World acclaimed exclusive destination. Boasting tiny modest dazzling islands, remote location, beautiful coral beaches, amazing floura & fauna, prolific bird life, beautiful people, its exquisiteness is beyond description.

With a passionate flare for expedition, I was privileged to travel to the Seychelles again this year taking along my teenage daughter to share this splendid experience. Departing Cape Town one April morning, we could hardly wait to connect onto our flight to the Seychelles from Johannesburg. For my companion exhilaration was paramount, she had done so much research, I had shared so much with her and living this famed paradise was all she wanted to do for the next 6 days.

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Oktober Bierfest Hits Cape Town Bigger & Gets Better: 13th - 16th September 2012

We all adore and admire traditions of the world, whether fascinating or simply magical. The Oktober Bierfest for us takes both.  For the past 200 years, millions of people from all around the world trek to Germany for this magical event annually.  The Oktoberfest in Munich has played an important role in Bavarian culture and it has grown into one of the world’s largest events every year. For those who can’t make the great trip to Munich and greater Bavaria for Oktoberfest, The Cape Town Bierfest is back, importing Germany’s rich culture, cuisine and character to the “Mother City”

This year has gotten even bigger and better and promises to be just as authentic, complete with limited edition beers specially brewed for the event, as well as local German cuisine and even oompah bands to end off this magnificent event.  Prepare yourself for mouth-watering Bavarian cuisine and frothing litres of beer, break out the lederhosen, don the dirndls and get ready to clap together massive beer steins.

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The Kruger National Park – Outlook Safari Weekend in the Park

You all have heard the warning-phrase “Watching Wildlife is addictive” it is undeniably addictive talking from experience having taken a second safari trip 1¼ months into 2012. When our partner Outlook Lodge & Safaris invited us to an educational and indulge in one of their acclaimed 2 Nights, 3 Days safari package in the Kruger National Park situated in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga, the idea and itinerary collectively was enthralling, it felt like going on my maiden safari voyage despite the many I have enjoyed in this land of indescribable natural amusement.


Leaving Cape Town early one February morning, I was enchanted at the aspect of taking this expedition with fellow Travel Agents & Tour Operators to sample precisely what is offered to our valued clients by our esteemed partner Outlook Safaris. Upon arrival that morning, it was a bit of business in Gauteng Province and some sight seeing as I would only meet the rest of my team that evening.  

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Aquila Private Game Reserve – Cape Town’s Big 5 Safari

The weekend was fast approaching and alluring offers had been made to join in the unparalleled rush of adrenaline at the 35th J&B Met 2012 in Kenilworth. This was no easy decision considering that we had long opted to spend this weekend in utter serenity and had made it quite uncomfortable to say no to this annual rare gathering. Our fervently plans? Taking the true African experience…visiting Aquila Game Reserve - home to the Big 5: lion, rhino, buffalo, and rare mountain leopard and elephant right in our doorstep.


Waking up to the beautiful summer weather in Cape Town, we embarked on our day journey taking the N1 through to Paarl Valley later Cape Route R62 through the Tunnel. Cape Route 62 is a famed tourist route in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape that meanders between Cape Town and Oudtshoorn, the Langkloof and Port Elizabeth, offering the shorter, scenic alternative to the N2 highway.

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New 2012: Where to Celebrate NYE

Merry Christmas and an exceptionally Happy New Year! We trust that you are all having bliss this festive season. It’s hard to believe but 2011 has come to a rapid end. Overall it has been a phenomenal year for us. On the global level, to others 2011 has been closed as a treasure chest filled with prospective life changing happenings and challenges. A huge thank you to our esteemed visitors that have allowed us to be part of their journey through our participation in uncompromised service delivery in all their business and leisure travel logistics. It fills us with gratitude as we elatedly look forward to 2012 where we guarantee continuance in fulfilling your travel dreams in absolute care.


New Year in South Africa is celebrated with tremendous fun and pleasure. It's a grand affair, Showy parties are well attended by national and international celebrities. South Africa undoubtedly is one of the the big entertainment hub; with this we bring you an update on our choice of places to celebrate your New Year eve party ideal for Visitors and locals alike with tickets obtainable through computicktes: 

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Summer is here and we are continuously prepared to welcoming more visitors to this new gleaming city full of diversity. Cape Town’s summer months are crammed with festivals, fun runs, concerts and carnivals, with the weeks around Christmas and New Year being especially electrifying.


More so when the country is ardent to the exciting news of our precious mountain being voted as one of the “New7Wonders of nature” The new seven wonder of Nature campaign had been a global competition set to select seven natural landscapes as the new Wonders of the World. The contest had been an attempt to "bring our natural heritage onto the same level of appreciation as that which has been made by humans," according to the competition foundation. While we are extremely overjoyed with the news, we must mention this announcement on the New7Wonders of the world list had been met with some controversy worldwide. Nevertheless, to us “Table Mountain” is always going to be a treasured wonder, we adore its grace and would love to invite the world to visit this splendour of nature, it's just phenomenal.

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Durban - The Proud Host of COP17 to Showcase Green To The world

Just like the world Cup, The eyes of the world will be on Durban in November and December, when more than 20 000 delegates from the global community, representing 190 nations, will come to the city for COP17. Durban is gearing up to host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17) and 7th session of the COP serving as the Meeting of the Parties (CMP7) of the Kyoto Protocol. Durban’s bold response to the challenges of climate change has positioned the City as a global leader in the field of climate protection planning. It is a truly African city, a place of rich contrasts where sophisticated, first-world urban development and high density townships give way to undisturbed rural landscapes where people follow traditional African lifestyles. In the previous two years, this enormous  occasion was hosted by Copenhagen and Cancun respectively, while Durban will play host to this year’s conference.


Durban also known as the playground of the country boasting mild winters, warm and humid summers, and long golden beaches make it a popular holiday city too, thus Tourism and Travel is at the centre of making it all happen through it’s active participation and this month we bring  you to speed with what COP17 is all about and how we are making your business travel stress-free.

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KZN - Nambiti Game Reserve’s Esiweni Lodge

Excitement mounted as we planned our trip to Kwa Zulu Natal and before long we were headed for Durban City to embark on this memorable Safari Journey.

Amid many National parks and Game Reserves to choose from, it could evenly be impossible and cause countless nights in finding that perfect fit to select for your next safari break. But when it’s a sheer addition to your various Safari experiences, then it’s simple to streamline your interests as was the case when we decided to go to Nambiti Game Reserve for our next retreat.


Departing Cape Town that Morning, we arrived in Durban two hours later and without wasting time, we picked our vehicle and we were on the road to Durban city where we had a privilege of visiting many hotels as a way of keeping up to-date with our supplier standards for our clients guarantee. We headed back to Umhlanga – The Sandton of Durban were we visited more hotels before retiring to La Lucia Ridge’s The Square Boutique Hotel. The Hotel is an epitome of elegance; we relaxed before heading out that evening to indulge in some authentic Indian cuisine. Our travels include trying on some new and recommended cuisine. We had a marvellous evening all together.

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Golden Sunsets at the Scenic Monkey Valley Beach & Nature Resort

With daily urban pressures and constrained time to pack-up for a breakaway, there’s an option for local leisure discening travellers seeking a serene unspoilt short countryside vacation as well as a yearning international  visitor to Africa searching to immense in a beach holiday with an eco friendly nature experience combination! That’s exactly what you would be treated to at this Private Nature Reserve set in rare forest of Milkwood trees that prides itself in admirable golden sunsets like no other place as Spring approaches and summers remain a meagre heaven. It is one of the few Nature resorts that boasts unspoilt 8km long wide beach with soft sand and lagoons

Monkey Valley Beach and nature Resort is an enthralling destination with an exceptional weave, it’s a hidden gem in its own right and a perfect getaway destination providing tranquil and a refreshing sensation to the body mind and soul. Nothing compares to that soothing sentiment of waking up to the singing birds and roaring seas in the background in the safest forest.

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Escape to Mozambique - Africa’s Rising Star

Mozambique is an environ of aquatic distinction, with its tropical to subtropical climate, clear blue seas and wonderful scenery, Mozambique is proving to be one popular destination for those seeking to experience some first class Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing excursions, windsurfing, Kayaking, hiking, bird watching as well as some game viewing or simply those in quest of lazing about on the exotic white sands.


This intensifying star boasts one of the most scenic places to be found in Southern Africa, the Bazaruto Archipelago with its unspoilt beaches and amazing coral reefs that has proved extreme popularity with scuba divers. No wonder it has been dubbed Africa’s Premier Scuba diving site. Mozambique is also popular with birdwatchers and game enthusiasts, as the country is home to fabulous game reserves including the Maputo Elephant Reserve, brilliantly situated right next to the ocean. The vibrant resonance of Maputo the capital city that is set on a cliff overlooking a lovely bay with its bustling streets of wonderful architecture, great nightlife, and diverse cultural mix are sure to fascinate discerning travelers. Other Mozambique towns like Pemba, Beira and Ncala tend to focus on sun, sea and surf. It is a country that has not yet experienced its full potential and still has many unexplored and adventure laden opportunities in tropical havens, such as the Bazaruto islands. While there’s a range of dynamic experience offering the best of everything escape, these renowned spots remain our favorite and recommendable picks for an all memorable Mozambique holiday. Come join us as we re-explore Mozambique and abet you in planning your next dream holiday.

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